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Afternoon conditions and temperatures at Kilkenny from Mon June 29th:

21° 24° 25° 21° 23° 21° 20° 20°
It will be a warm week - with some showery rain at times especially later in the week. Some nice sunshine on Monday and dry. Turning warmer again for Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures approaching the 25°mark. Later on Wednesday the heat could spark off a thundery shower. It will become a little cooler on Thursday but plenty of warm sunshine. Still fine on Friday but overnight Friday some rain is expected. Sunshine and showers are expected for the weekend. Later on Sunday more general rain will puch up from the south west. More unsettled then for next week but still quite warm.
19:50 Kilkenny Ireland (52.65°N 7.25°W 50m ASL)   Saturday 04th of July 2015
Temperature 17.4 °C Wind Direction SSE
Humidity 55 % Wind Average (1 min) 19.1 km/h
Air Pressure 1014.6 hPa Wind Gust 29.1 km/h
Grass Temp. 18.5 °C Wind Chill Temp 17.4 °C
Soil Temp (10cm) 20.0 °C Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr 

Weather Today (Since Midnight) Weather so far this month
Max Temperature 19.5 °C at 11:35 Max Temperature 24.0 °C on 01/07/2015 at 17:09
Min Temperature 15.6 °C at 00:14 Min Temperature 12.4 °C on 02/07/2015 at 06:12
Max Wind Gust 47.5 km/h at 15:47 WSW Max Wind Gust 47.6 km/h on 04/07/2015 at 15:47 WSW
Total Rainfall 5.7 mm Total Rainfall 6.6 mm
Min Grass Temp. 14.3 °C at 00:21 Min Grass Temp. 8.0  °C on 02/07/2015
Mean Soil Temp. 18.6 °C Mean Soil Temp. 19.2 °C

Weather so far this Year Sun and Moon Almanac
Max Temperature 24.0 °C on 01/07/2015 at 17:09 Sunrise: 05:12
Min Temperature -4.9 °C on 03/02/2015 at 08:34 Sunset: 21:55
Max Wind Gust 110.2 km/h on 30/03/2015 at 22:25 Moonrise: 23:06
Total Rainfall 308.9 mm Moonset: 08:17
Min Grass Temp. -11.5  °C on 19/01/2015 Visible Moon (%): 90.5  %

Latest webcam image looking west across the River Nore: 

How this month's shaping up? :

• The pleasant end to the month ensured mean temperatures ended up exactly normal. 
• Rainfall was less than half the normal.


Date June-2015 Mean Temp. 1981-2010 Mean Temp. Deviation  from Normal June  2015 Rainfall % of Normal Rainfall
1st-7th 11.3° 12.6° -1.3°  19.2mm    124%
1st-14th 12.1° 13.2° -0.9°  19.6mm
1st-21st 13.2° 13.7° -0.5°  19.8mm      43%
1st-End 14.0° 14.0° 0.0°  27.6mm      42%

June  Min

3.6° on 1st

June       Max

23.0° on 30th

June Wettest Day

11.4mm on 1st

Year Min

-4.9° on Feb 3rd

Year     Max

24.0° on  July 1st

Year's Rainfall


Note : The data shown in the table above is the official climate data submitted to Met Eireann (Climate Station No. 456). The temperatures are from standard liquid-in-glass thermometers and rainfall is from a standard 5" copper gauge. The temperatures are not calculated/based on a 00-24 hour day. For the minimum temperatures, the month begins at 9 UTC on the last day of the preceding month and ends at 9 UTC on the last day of the month. For the maximum temperatures and rainfall readings, the month is taken as beginning at 9 UTC on the 1st and ending at 9 UTC on the 1st of the next month.

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