February 2023

Snowdrops in full bloom at Kilkenny Castle Park on 6th February. The ground remained very dry all month. It ended up the driest February in 37 years.   

February Weather Summary:

It was another mild month but not quite as mild as last February. It reached a maximum of 14.2° on three occasions. There were no cold days with the lowest maximum being 8.4° on the 27th. There were 7 air frosts and the lowest minimum was -3.2° on the 5th.

It was also a very dry month - our driest February in 37 years with a total of only 11.7mm. There were no storms with a top wind gust of only 49 km/hr on the 22nd.

January 2023 

Greenshill, on the morning of the 18th. A light snowfall occurred just after midnight in the early hours of the 18th. It didnt remain for too long however. It followed a brief frosty spell around mid month but by Saturday 21st temperatures rose and remained so until the end of the month.   

January Weather Summary:

It was a mild January - mildest in 11 years. The top temperature was 13.1° on the 10th and coldest was -4.8° on 17th. There were 9 days with air frost.

Rainfall was heavy in the first 2 weeks but then it turned dry and overall it was slightly drier than normal. There was one day with measurable snow. Top wind gust was 75 km/hr on the 12th.