Record Set: Coldest Day Max (-4°C)

The week from January Sat 10th to Sat 17th was very cold. The air mass had origins in the far east of Russia. Considerable cloud, snow and wind ensured that temperatures did not drop excessively low at night, but the daytime max temperatures were noteworthy. The maximum temperatures recorded for each day were : -

Sun     11th


Mon    12th


Tues   13th


Wed    14th

 -0.2° (up to 18:00)

The max snow depth recorded was 10cm. Whilst the air did get milder from the 17th onwards it did remain remarkably dull. Kilkenny went 11 days without any sunshine at all from the 13th to the 23rd of January.

The chart below shows the large area of high pressure over Scandanavia and northern Russia and low pressure near Portugal, which steered in the bitter east winds.