Record Set:  Highest 10 min wind speed

Christmas by candlelight. The nostalgic effect wore off quite quickly I can tell you! On Christmas Eve an intense depression of 972 hPa crossed the country. As the depression cleared eastward, pressure rose sharply and there was a period of 1 to 2 hours of exceptionally strong winds – particularly in the south and east of Ireland.

Kilkenny is not noted for strong winds but this time it recorded its highest ever 10 minute mean wind speed, 86.5 kph (47 knots) from a WSW direction at about 5 pm on Christmas Eve. The highest gust measured was 138 kph (75 knots).

The power went out for thousands of people in the county, who had to then endure a Christmas day without electricity. Despite the best efforts of the ESB crews working flat out, some places were without power for over 5 days.